The Only House Training Schedule you need!

The Only House Training Schedule you need!

Start out with potty breaks about every three or four hours to house train a dog in seven days. Bigger and older dogs can increase time intervals more quickly, but remember that they need to understand the rules of the house training game before we can make it too hard!

Making house training too hard too quickly is one of the biggest mistakes when trying to house train a dog in seven days.

Each time you take your dog outside for a bathroom break while house training, remember these rules:


  1. Be direct. Always go directly from the confinement area (see below) to the outside potty area. Letting a young puppy walk or sniff around often results in accidents between the crate and the back door!
  2. Bring treats and go all the way. Always bring treats and reward your puppy for peeing outside. You must go with your puppy and reward her as soon as she pees.
  3. Save playtime for after potty. Always save playtime or walks for after your puppy has peed and pooed, not before. The exception is late-night potty breaks – these should be a boring, in-and-out affair.
  4. Don’t make potty the last part of the trip. Don’t end the trip outside as soon as she pees. This will teach her to hold it as long as possible.
  5. Be boring until she “goes.” Act uninteresting until your puppy goes potty. High pitched “encouragement” might excite or distract your pup and prove counterproductive. Just patiently wait.
  6. Be extra-boring at night. Keep the late-night potty breaks boring. Simply take your puppy outside, reward her for going potty, and return inside. It’s important not to teach your puppy that 2:30am is a good time for playtime.
  7. Go back inside without play if she doesn’t need to go. If your puppy doesn’t go to the bathroom after a few minutes, go back inside and return your puppy to her confinement area. Try again in 20 to 30 minutes.

“After your puppy goes potty, have fun! But don’t play until after her bladder is empty.”

This schedule assumes an eight-hour workday and a puppy that can hold it for about three hours. Your dog should be left in a confined area where she can't chew cords or pee in one corner while sleeping in another corner. Follow this schedule at first, then gradually increase time intervals between potty breaks to house train a dog in seven days.

training schedule for dog trainers

The reusable pet pee pad works wonders when house training your puppy also! You can use the PuppyPad to teach them commands on where to pee (on the PuppyPad) which will train them to go anywhere you want your puppy to go. 
Below is a 5 steps guide on how to do this: 

5 step instructions guide on how to use the PuppyPad

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