Protect your dog from Fleas and Ticks

with our Flee and Tick Control Collar
  • Super effective with Natural and Safe Chemicals

  • Continuous Protection From Head to Tail
  • Allows your dog to be seen at night with Glow In The Dark Technology
The Danger of Fleas and Ticks
Fleas and Ticks are common in dogs and affects atleast 75% of all dogs
Damages Digestion
Fatal Tapeworms Cause Damage to Digestion
Sucks All Blood Cells Out
Causes Anemia - Rapid Breathing & Death
Can Lead To Death
Chronic Canine Ehrlichiosis causes mortality
How can PuppyPad's Flea and Tick Controller Help?
Coats The Entire Fur Instantly From Head To Tail with
Flea and Tick Killers
No Area Missed.. The Flea and Tick Killers Protect Your Dog's Entire Body.
VET Approved 
Natural, No Harsh Chemicals.
Plant-Based Natural Formula of Essential Oils Makes It Completely Safe For Your Furry Friend. It's Even Safe For Sensitive Pups!

"PuppyPad's Flea and Tick Control Collar is a great money and time-saving alternative to treating your dog with expensive tablets that can have side effects"
Dr. Colin M
Protect Your Dog At Night.
Glow In The Dark Technology Means Your Dog Will Stand Out At Night, allowing them to be seen by others and protecting them from accidents.
Keep Your Family Safe From Disease-Carrying Parasites
These deadly diseases can also be transferred from your dog to humans
  • Comfortable & Adjustable.
    Easy To Remove, Adjustable Collar that Fits ALL Dogs and Stays on During Activities. 
  • Eco-Friendly & Waterproof
    Our collar is made from TPE... which is a water-proof eco-friendly foam. Completely safe for your best friend.
  • Gets To Work Instantly
    No Need To Wait For Months To Remove Your Dogs Fleas and Ticks.
    Our Flea & TIck Killers Get Started Instantly And Kill All Nasties Within 24 Hours!
Trusted By More Than 20,000 Dog Lovers
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PuppyPad's Flea and Tick Control Collar

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  • Super effective with Natural and Safe Chemicals

  • Continuous Protection From Head to Tail
  • Allows your dog to be seen at night with Glow In The Dark Technology
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Frequently Asked Questions
Need help finding an answer to your question? Ask our customer support at
What is a PuppyPad Flea and Tick Control Collar?
It's an innovative collar that is clinically proven to provide 6 months flea and tick protection for your dog. With PuppyPad, one collar is all it takes to give you peace of mind for 6 months.
Do I have to keep the collar on my pet all the time?
No... your dog does not have to permanently wear the collar at all times. We do advise to keep it on as long as possible to ensure your best friend is always protected.
Is this safe for dogs with sensitive skin or seizures?
We always advise to contact your local vet if you are unsure of use. We have tested it against dogs with sensitive skin and seizures and the collar worked great as usual.
Can I use this with other pest-killing products?
Yes. You can use this with other pest-killing products... although it is not needed.
This collar can protect your furry friend on it's own.
What are the active ingredients?
PuppyPad's Flea and Tick Control Collar contains two active ingredients: imidacloprid, which kilss adult fleas and flea larvae; and flumehtrin, which repels and kills all life stages of ticks.
How long does the collar last?
PuppyPad Flea and Tick Control collar protects your dog against fleas and ticks for 6 months in a single application. It is recommended the collar is replaced after this time to provide continued protection.
  • Size
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  • S
    40 x 60
    16 x 24
    Small Dogs
  • M
    70 x 80
    28 x 31
    Medium Dogs
  • L
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    Large Dogs

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