Common Puppy Training Mistakes New Owners Make!

Common Puppy Training Mistakes New Owners Make!

When you become a puppy parent, you will be responsible for teaching your puppy basic instructions and more in order to help them grow into well-behaved family members! However, there are a few very frequent and easy-to-make errors that you may face, as well as how to avoid or correct them!

When a new puppy arrives for the first time, it's usually thrilling and enjoyable! You're probably thinking about introducing your puppy to their new home and routine as a new puppy owner, but it may be difficult if you don't grasp the fundamental dos and don'ts of puppy training. Take some time to learn about some of the annoying common mistakes that new parents make while puppy training for the first time to ensure that your dog receives the finest puppy training possible! Knowing what not to do ahead of time may save you a lot of aggravation and help your puppy's development during their first year of life!

Making the Decision not to Crate Train

In our experience, crate training is one of the most valuable assets in puppy training! It provides a safe place of their own where your puppy can rest; helps in teaching them independence and confidence in being alone, and can even speed up the potty training process!

The PuppyPads can come in handy when it comes to crate training your puppy. PuppyPads are very comfortable to sit on due to it soft Rayon blend material alongside it being fully absorbent meaning you do not need to worry if your puppy pees on it as it will fully absorb all the pee.

Starting Puppy Training Too Late

One of the most common complaints we hear from new puppy parents  is that they wish they hadn't waited so long to begin training! Don't wait till they're older, when they're more likely to acquire harmful habits. Begin teaching kids correct conduct right now! Although young pups may not be able to master advanced abilities like agility, you may begin training right away with things like toilet training, setting boundaries, and teaching fundamental commands like Sit and Come. A great way of toilet training your puppy is to use reusable pee pads which PuppyPad provide you with. These pads are durable, fully absorbent, reusable which means they are environmentally friendly. The PuppyPad are so easy to wash also!

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Allowing Your Puppy to Run Around Free

Many new owners want to take their dogs on walks and let them explore their new surroundings on their own. However, enabling this will almost always result in your puppy getting into some sort of mischief! With a free-roaming puppy, you might encounter unexpected pee accidents, undesired chewing, and, depending on whether or not you puppy-proofed your home, they could get into a dangerous scenario. Baby gates are simple to install around your home and provide boundaries for your dog. This provides structure and regularity for your puppy, allowing them to be watched when playing, eating, and sleeping without the risk of them getting into something they shouldn't! If you can't watch your puppy closely, put them in a secure place like their crate or playpen until you can.

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