Premium Puppy Pads

The most premium & reusable pee pad

Selling the only reusable pee pad that is durable, environmentally friendly and saving your lots of money!

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  • Poorly Pooches

    Poorly Pooches

    Helpful if your pup is recovering from surgery, infection, or illness.

  • Small Bladders

    Small Bladders

    Ideal for incontinence dogs or puppies with small bladers. Not being able to control their pee.

  • Fussy Piddlers & Poopers

    Fussy Piddlers & Poopers

    A more comfortable option for dogs that don’t like dropping squats in rain, snow, ice, or frost.

  • Apartment-Based Dogs

    Apartment-Based Dogs

    Perfect for those with zero or limited access to a grassy area.

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