Reusable Pee Pads vs Disposable Pee Pads

Reusable Pee Pads vs Disposable Pee Pads

What are reusable pee pads?

Reusable puppy training pads are exactly what their name suggests: potty training pee pads for puppies that can be reused repeatedly. Using reusable pee pads from PuppyPad means you will no longer have to spend more money on those flimsy disposable pee pads – making them a much better choice for dog owners on a budget. Below are some great features the PuppyPad potty training pee pads have.


Reusable pee pads offer up to 3 layers of commercial grade textile that hold up under chewing, dragging and stopping any leaks. Whereas with disposable pee pads, the material is fragile and paper-like, which can be easily ripped or shredded. We all know how our furry friends love tearing up certain materials like this; a more durable choice is the way to go!


Let us agree that when your pups do their business, there's just a big puddle of pee on your floor due to the flimsy pee pads not being leak-proof. PuppyPad have created the solution to avoid this problem in the first place by ensuring the reusable pee pads by PuppyPad are fully absorbent, meaning, let your puppy pee on it as much as they want, the soaker layer material will do its work by absorbing everything (just make sure you wash it after 2-3 pees for hygienic purposes).


How reusable pee pads save you money compared to cheap disposable pee pads? Well, one reusable pee pad from PuppyPad replaces a minimum of 300 disposable pads! You are probably asking the question right now, "why invest in a long-term product when my dog is a puppy and will quickly grow? Why do I need to get a reusable pee pad that can be used 300 times?"
Well, we at PuppyPad say house training can be a challenge. Some dogs pick up on it quickly, and others don't. Toy breeds do not like to go outside in general, so our suggestion is based on the breed. In addition, you will still be saving money even if you are using the product for puppy house training. After they are housebroken, you can store the PuppyPad away for later in the pup's life when they are potentially on diuretics or even for when they are at old age and may need to use the pad again.


Because you can use and reuse the washable pads, you will be keeping waste out of the landfills! Ever wanted to give a helping hand to our planet, making sure it's kept helping? Well, the biggest way to do that is to limit the amount of waste that goes to the landfills. With disposable pee pads, they are a one time use only meaning you throw them away once used which go straight to the landfill. The better, more environmentally friendly way is to use a reused pee pad which the PuppyPad supply!

How much does a reusable puppy pad cost?

A reusable pet training pee pad is equal to 300 disposable pee pads. At this point, you may be asking yourself "but is it worth it?" Well, when you consider all the problems caused by disposable pee pads, you will realise the washable pee pads are just a solution to every problem with disposable pee pads. Considering the overall durability, absorbency, and eco-friendly, we all know for sure the reusable pee pads are worth it! The reusable, fully absorbent pee pads at PuppyPad cost anywhere from $60-$80 but, hold up! Way over your budget? PuppyPads have been generous enough to provide a 50% discount on all sizes and colour on special occasions, this just depends if you are part of the lucky ones who get to purchase the reusable pee pads at half price which go from $30-40 depending on the size of the pee pad. Check to see if they are at half price:

What's Better: Reusable or Disposable Puppy Pads?

When considering which type of puppy pad is better for you, there are several things that you want to keep in mind. One of the first things is convenience and what exactly you need in a puppy pad.
When it comes to comparing the reusable pee pad against disposable pee pads, we know what thing for sure that reusable pee pads are much more convenient. You may think that your puppy will not use the potty-training pee pads for the long term but with its multi-purpose benefits, you can use them for almost anything you want. The PuppyPad is great for protecting crated and carriers during transport, they can be used for whelping, incontinence, sick or diabetic dogs and we all know our furry friends can get your furniture dirty but rest assure this great multi-purpose pee pad can be used to protect furniture and rugs against pet fur and dirt – some even use it to place under food bowls and litter boxes!

PuppyPads have prettier patterns, often blendable with the furniture, looking more like a small carpet rather than a white pad. This way, owners will no longer have to explain what that white thing on the floor is. At the same time, you need to consider the cost difference between the two. Granted, you will pay more to get one single reusable pad, but you should also think things in the long run.
A washable pad can be used 300 times at least – but a pack of disposable pads will have around 100, for the same price. In the end, while it might be a slightly more expensive initial investment, it will be more cost-effective in the long run.

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