helping your female dog deliver puppies? – Whelping 101

helping your female dog deliver puppies? – Whelping 101

Whelping 101

The process of a pregnant dog giving birth to ‘Whelps,' or new-born pups, is known as whelping puppies. The interval between your dog mating and becoming pregnant and giving birth is approximately 63 days - though this can vary by six days. Before the whelping period begins, you should have enough time to choose an ideal spot for your dog to nest and feel comfortable and content.

We always recommend having your veterinarian there when your dog begins to give birth, as problems are always a possibility. Some experienced dog breeders, on the other hand, may feel at ease without urgent veterinarian assistance and will encourage their dogs to give birth on their own.

The essential Items

Our must have whelping kit items.

  • Whelping Box – There are some great whelping boxes online which we suggest to have.
  • Whelping Mat – We recommend the reusable whelping pee pad from PuppyPad. With its soft microfiber rayon blend you can rest assure the new born will be comfortable on the PuppyPad. They are also very durable and fully absorbent meaning you can just use them over and over again!
  • Digital Thermometer – 10-14 days before mama's due date, start checking her temperature. Prepare for puppies when the temperature lowers to 98-99 degrees (typically within 24 hours, according to what we've read) — we have this basic Digger Dog digital thermometer.
  • Heat Lamp – Puppies that are still in the womb are unable to control their body temperature. The heat lamps with the clamp, which you may connect to the side of the whelping box, are our favourites. As previously said, infants are unable to control their body temperature, so make sure they have a means to escape if they become too hot.
  • Puppy (Baby) Scale – You want to make sure your puppies are gaining weight. You should weigh your puppies every day starting from day 1.
  • Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer – To monitor the temperature of the whelping box.

The stages of dog labour

Dog labour is a three-stage procedure that, if you think about it, is similar to human labour. As far as I'm concerned, pre-drugs, post-drugs, and push are all the same to me.

Stage 1

The first stage in dogs occurs 12 to 30 hours before childbirth. The temperature of Momma Dog's rectal cavity will decrease to a low of 98 to 99 degrees. It's possible that the pre-whelping drop will just last a few hours. (Take the dog's temperature three times a day and record a temperature chart around 10-14 days before whelping.)

Momma dog will begin nesting at this period and produce a white to gelatinous discharge for up to 48 hours before whelping (Note: If the discharge turns bloody tinged the first puppy is imminent). They go off food or become ill to their stomachs on occasion. Momma dog might be nervous or clinging, and she could even be cramping. (In my study guide's margin, I wrote: "uterine contractions make people feel like they need to go to the toilet, but she has a puppy instead of faeces. *Go potty with her.")

The first stage lasts around 6 to 12 hours. Aside from the puppy pooping issue, don't leave mom alone at this period; first-time parents may not know how to release the pup from the amniotic sac, causing it to suffocate.

Stage 2

The real work begins in the second stage: labour. They usually display abdominal contractions for 10 to 30 minutes. The amniotic sac is usually visible, followed by a pup approximately three pushes later. You may need to assist mamma if the sac rupture and fluid spills out before you see a puppy and the vagina becomes dry (using the lubricant). The amniotic sac is normally ruptured by mother sucking or biting it. If she doesn't, you, the canine midwife, will have to step in and assist her.

Stage 3

The placenta emerges from the uterus after the third stage, and the uterus takes a little rest. For 10 minutes to an hour, the uterus is at rest. Every 30 minutes or so, the mother dog gives birth to another youngster. The typical whelping time is between 6 and 12 hours.

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