How to wash your reusable pee pad?

How to wash your reusable pee pad?

It's vital to know how to keep washable toilet pads from stinking once you've opted to use them for your dog. The first thing you should do is see how long they can go without being replaced or washed. Ideally for hygienic purposes and to avoid the PuppyPads reusable pee pad from smelling we advise to wash the PuppyPad after 2-3 pees.

Washing instructions

  • Add washing detergent in some warm or cold water. Ensure no bleach is added as this can result in skin irritation and can cause allergies.
  • Chose the regular cycle option on the washing machine
  • Once washed, air dry the PuppyPad in sunlight as it can help in countering any smell.

I do not want to use the washing machine to wash the washable pee pad.

If you do not wish to use a washing machine to wash the potty-training pee pads then there are some other great alternative to wash the reusable pee pads, making them brand new again! You can either wash the down with a washing hose you just simply handwash them.

The two ways to prevent your reusable pee pad from smelling

If you keep the reusable pee pads for longer than 2-3 pees, the potty-training pad may start smelling. If this happens there are some great ways to get excess odor out from these pee pads.

Mix 1 cup of baking soda in 4 cups of hot water, and add this solution to some cold water. Soak the reusable pee pads in this mixture for 2-4 hours before washing. Alternatively, you can use the vinegar technique which you will need to add a small quantity of vinegar (around 1 tablespoon) in the washing detergent. If the odor is too strong, you can increase the amount of vinegar to about ½ cup.

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