Dog in runners arms outside

Obvious Signs That Your Dog Loves You

Dog in runners arms outside

Like many pet owners, you probably love your dog and treat it like your child. However, if you're curious whether your dog loves you equally, you're not alone.

Dogs are complicated creatures, and a lack of verbal communication may leave you wondering about the intensity of their love. Besides emotional reassurance, understanding your dog's affinity level towards you helps implement better training and bonding methods.

For this reason, this article presents some reliable signs that your dog loves you unconditionally.

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  1. Soft eye contact

    Eye contact is an important form of non-verbal communication in the animal kingdom, and even humans use this to show dedication or apathy. In other words, you wouldn't look softly and attentively at someone you don't admire.

    The same applies to dogs; gazing at your eyes softly is an attempt to bond and connect, which these animals do with people they love. Furthermore, soft and consistent eye contact are markers of attachment for dogs since the canine brain releases oxytocin, also known as the love hormone, helping it connect with you more.

    Ultimately, as long as the eye context is soft, non-aggressive, and maintained, it's a strong sign your dog admires you and looks forward to more happy memories.

  2. Excitement whenever you return

    An exciting part of dog owners enjoys returning home to be greeted by an excited dog, irrespective of whether you've been going for ten minutes or seven hours.

    If your dog(s) get excited whenever you return home by tail wagging, running around, licking you, and bringing their toys over to play, it's one of the many signs your dog loves you very much.

    Also, suppose your dog was in the middle of using their puppy pad, playing, or eating but chooses to abandon the activity to greet you excitedly; it's another sign that they love you. It shows you're their primary source of joy, and they'll forsake other forms of pleasure for your presence; that's a privilege.

  3. Constant physical contact

    Dogs tend to lie on your feet as you eat, curl beside you on the couch while you read or watch TV, or rest on your laps as you're cross-legged on the floor. If the answer is "yes," your furry best friend loves you to death.

    Physical contact is one of many signs that your dog loves you; actions like rubbing themselves on you, licking your face, and more are common ways to show affection amongst canines.

    Like humans, dogs seek physical contact with someone they adore and admire; if you don't feel safe or comfortable being in your presence, they will keep their distance. Therefore, whenever your furry friend interrupts you during work, a gaming session, a movie night, or a conversation with friends, it's their way of saying, "I love you."

  4. Following you around

    It's not uncommon for your dog to accompany you everywhere in your home, from the living room to the bathroom. This desire to be your second shadow is your dog's way of expressing comfort and showing that they care.

    Having your furry best friend follow you immediately after you leave the couch to the bathroom may seem inconvenient, but it's normal. On the other hand, if your dog doesn't cling to you in this manner, it's normal, too; some dogs are more independent than others, so it doesn't mean they are numb to your existence if they don't stick to your side.

  5. Stealing your clothes

    Besides being attached to your presence, your canine can connect having a good time with your scent. Unfortunately, this association often manifests in your dog stealing your clothes, shoes, sock, and other items and carrying them around the house.

    While you may not appreciate your underwear and socks leaving the laundry basket and getting dragged around the house, know there's a cute innocence to it. Your dog wants to get closer to you and smell you 24/7, and holding your stinky socks is one way to satisfy this desire.

    Nevertheless, there's nothing wrong with wanting this behavior since it's a quick way to damage your clothes and shoes. Correct your dog without violence and redirect its passion from your laundry to other options.

  6. Constantly wagging their tail

    Besides, using their tail for balance can help communicate your dog's feelings about the environment, other dogs, and you. Essentially, if their tail is tucked between their legs, they're nervous and unwilling to interact.

    On the other hand, if your dog wags its tail continuously, especially in your presence, it indicates that they enjoy every time you spend with them. This behavior is commonly expressed when dogs encounter their playmate or an exciting environment.

  7. Licking you

    Humans kiss their children and beloved companions as a sign of affection; dogs show the same emotion by licking you. Essentially, when your furry friend licks your face, hands, or any part of your body, it's commonly a sign that they're happy to see you or grateful for the belly. Rubs.

    Even when you lie idle on the ground, they can express love and concern by licking your face, unlike their feline counterparts. Nevertheless, licks are merely a dog's kiss, and receiving them is a heartwarming reminder of their unconditional love for you.


Feeling loved by an innocent and playful canine is a heartwarming feeling many pet parents enjoy, similar to parents being told "I love you" by their six-year-old. Furthermore, besides emotional reassurance, understanding your dog's affinity level for you helps you understand whether you're bonding correctly or need to smoke quick changes.

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