STOP using potty pee pads! Here's why...

STOP using potty pee pads! Here's why...

Disposable potty pee pads have been a general addition to a pets life but we all know how us pet owners have been through all the hassle with disposable pee pads. Some of the issues we have experienced ourselves are pee just leaks straight through these flimsy pee pads, puppies are easily ripping and shredding the pads and the negative impact it gives to our planet as we have to through the pee pads into the trash after one use which goes straight to the landfill. 

The convenience of using the reusable pee pads

Allowing your dog outdoors might be as simple as opening a door for some. Climbing up and down a six-story walk-up apartment or jogging a block or two to an accessible greenspace may be on the list for others. With a typical rule of thumb of one hour of bladder control each month of age, that's a lot of in and out! Reusable potty pads are useful at this period of your dog's life.

Reusable potty pads aren't only for pups, though! They're also a fantastic solution for older, ill, or handicapped dogs that require an alternative to going outdoors to relieve themselves.

The safety of using the reusable pee pads

There are a variety of reasons why you would want to housetrain your dog on pee pads rather than outside. If your dog's toileting spot is a public area with a lot of other dogs, you might want to train them to use potty pads until they are completely vaccinated. If you reside in a location where the temperature is extremely hot or cold, teaching your dog to use pee pads can allow them to relieve themselves without risking overheating or hypothermia (as well as providing safety for the humans that are outside with them). It's possible that you live in a region where being out after dark isn't the safest option. Reusable potty pads can also be used for your dog's overnight urination if this is the case.

PuppyPads form cleaner habits & better routines

What if your dog had every accident in your house on a washable, reusable potty pad? Dogs, even the most well-trained, are creatures of habit. Because the epidemic has caused us to spend more time at home, your dog's usual morning, afternoon, and evening routines have been disrupted. By teaching children to use a reusable toilet pad, you can save your rugs and carpets.

Looking for a more environmentally friendly reusable pee pad? Learn more about PuppyPad, the only washable pee pad produced with high quality, quilted fabric. Each PuppyPad replaces at least 300 disposable pads, preventing thousands of tonnes of wasted paper toilet pads from entering landfills each year. Cleanup is a breeze with our leak-proof, absorbent pad! Shop now and save with our great bulk discounts.

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