Sizing Chart

1. Measure your dog and see how it compares to our sizing chart and buy your corresponding PuppyPad size.

2. Our Large PuppyPad size is suitable for any size of dog. You may want to buy our large size for the peace of mind that your dog will fit in it no matter what!

  • Size
    Size (CM)
    Size (Inches)
    Perfect For
  • S
    40 x 60
    16 x 24
    Small Dogs
  • M
    70 x 80
    28 x 31
    Medium Dogs
  • L
    80 x 90
    31 x 35
    Large Dogs

washing machine instructions


no bleach image

insert laundry detergent. (no bleach)


no bleach image

wash on regular cycle. (warm water)


no bleach image

dry on medium heat or air dry

do not use bleach or fabric softener, they can affect the absorbency of the puppypad