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What are the benefits of PuppyPad?

1. Chew-Proof
2. No more puddles of pee on the floor
4. No pee odor.
5. Your dog will not slip on the pee pad.
6. You're helping the planet.
7. 1% of every order goes to Dog's Trust for Suffering dogs.

My dog pees outside. Why do I need this?

PuppyPads are great for accidents, if your dog needs to pee during the night, if the weather is bad outside or your simply not available to take your dog out.
It's always handy to have it available.

How Do I Wash The PuppyPad?

You can wash the PuppyPad in the washing machine, on a low to medium temperature or you can use a hose if you are not comfortable with putting in the washing machine.

We have a full blog on how to wash and maintain your PuppyPad.

Is it hygenic to wash this in the washing machine?row

Yes. The high temperature will destroy any bacteria and germs. It is similar to washing your dirty underwear.
If you still do not feel comfortable, then you can also wash with a hose which is just as good!

Can these go in the dryer?

Absolutely. They're durable enough to be dried many times over. We recommend a lower setting to make them last even longer.

What size is right for me?

1. Measure your dog and see how it compares to our sizing chart and buy your corresponding PuppyPad size.

2. Our Large PuppyPad size is suitable for any size of dog. You may want to buy our large size for the peace of mind that your dog will fit in it no matter what!

How many come in a pack?

We only sell single packs.
We also have savings when you buy 3, 5 or 7 PuppyPads

• Buy 3 get 5% OFF
• Buy 5 get 10% OFF
• Buy 7 get 15% OFF

P.S. We highly recommend getting more than one so that you can wash one whilst using the others and cycle them

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How often do I wash the pad?

We suggest a quick wash every few days with light to medium usage, or more frequently after heavy soiling.

Will my dog use it?

Your dog will naturally use it because of the distinct patterns and the unique smell infused into the PuppyPad.
We also have expert dog trainers on hand to provide you the best aid possible.

How will my dog know the difference between PuppyPads and other carpets & blankets?

PuppyPads distinct patterns and unique smell infused into them helps dogs in differentiating between PuppyPads and other materials.

Where can I buy a PuppyPad?


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How long will it take for me to get my order?

We actually ship locally unlike other companies that dropship from China.

USA - 2-5 Day Expedited USPS Shipping From Watertown, Wisconsin

Australia - 2-6 Day Expedited AusPost Shipping From Alexandria, NSW

Other Countries - 4-13 Day Delivery

Please Note:
If stock is sold out in one warehouse we may ship out from another warehouse (One that provides the fastest shipping) This is made according to our discretion.

PuppyPad will not be able to cover or refund any duty fees incurred by your local laws. In most cases, VAT and customs fees will not apply due to the relatively low value of the shipment. However, we still encourage checking the customs and VAT laws of your local region before making a purchase.

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How Can I Track The Status Of My Order?

After we have shipped your order, an email update will be sent titled "A shipment from order #******* is on the way". You will find your tracking number and information inside this email.

With the tracking number you can track your order on the tracking page we will give to you.

Where do you ship from?

PuppyPad has fulfilment centers in the USA, Australia and Asia. We ship from the location nearest to you. If the item you've purchased is out of inventory in your nearest location we'll send it directly from our production lines at the same delivery time as stated in our shipping section.


What is your refund policy?

We have a 30 day refund policy (Unless you have purchased an extended gaurantee), which starts after your order has been delivered unlike other companies.

Please contact us by clicking here if you would like to return your item

Note all full refunds come with a 3% service charge to cover transaction fees.

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I want to change or cancel my order

Please get in touch with us immediately by clicking here

If your order has already been shipped then we are not able to cancel / edit your order.
In this case, you would have to return the items back to us once delivered.

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