Picture of a german shepherd

The Top 5 Most Trainable Dog Breeds

Picture of a german shepherd

Over 60% of pet owners are women in both the United States and Australia. That means that a significant number of women spend their time puppy training.

Your dog's temperament influences your dog training success. Potty-training a Cocker Spaniel will differ from a Doberman.

If you want a dog that is easy to train (or want to see how your pup compares), we've found the five most trainable dog breeds. Keep reading to learn the training benefits of each breed.

1. German Shepherd

You'll often find German Shepherds in service vests and on K-9 squads. They are in high demand for service positions because of their instincts to guard and herd. 

German Shepherds are a good breed for growing families. When raised alongside children, they protect them like pups. Their wariness of unfamiliar people aids their abilities as guard dogs.

Begin puppy training your German Shepherd at 2 months old to mellow any aggression. This breed intimidates some owners, but their intelligence makes them great training dogs.

2. Doberman Pinscher

The razor focus of Doberman Pinschers makes them one of the most trainable dog breeds. Their high energy levels fuel their attention during dog training.

Like German Shepherds, Dobermans are quick to react to outside stimuli. They are a great protective breed, and they flourish when they live inside with their owners.

Dobermans are extremely affectionate and caring animals when socialized in puppyhood. If you want a dog that is not only smart but also a dedicated companion, Dobermans are the breed for you.

3. Poodle

Poodles may seem like a strange addition to a list with German Shepards and Dobermans, but they earn their position. Often viewed as a delicate, fashionable breed, poodles aren't afraid to get dirty. They were once used to hunt ducks and love the water.

Poodles are one of the best dog breeds to train. They are less phased by common training mistakes due to the adaptivity of the breed. This makes them the perfect breed for first-time dog owners!

4. Golden Retriever

Dog moms value Golden Retrievers for their gentle nature and playfulness. They respond well to training, especially when they learn commands through games.

Golden Retrievers are part of the sporting dog breeds, so they need at least an hour of activity daily. You can incorporate a Golden Retriever's need for exercise into their puppy training. Fetch can be quite the reward for good behavior!

5. Border Collie

Border Collies are touted as the smartest of dog training breeds. Farmers originally used them to herd cattle in the borderlands of Scotland and England. Border Collies' reasoning skills give them the ability to work without commands.

This breed is reliable, good-natured, and works well with the elderly and children. They thrive in obedience trials because of their inborn work ethic.

Border Collies are best for owners that can keep up with their exercise and training needs. Give them commitment, and they will impress you every time.

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