How to Survive Your Puppy Chewing Period: A Checklist

How to Survive Your Puppy Chewing Period: A Checklist

Why Do They Chew?

Before you can stop a dog from chewing, you need to know why they're gnawing on everything. Here are the most common reasons.


Dogs experience anxiety the same as humans do! If your dog is new to your home, anxiety is a likely cause for their chewing.

A new home, new family, or another dog being added to their list of fur friends can all cause anxiety. Separation anxiety is also common, especially among puppies or shelter animals.

Lack of Stimulation

Dogs get bored, too! If you aren't giving your dog enough stimulation, they could have begun chewing things out of simple boredom.

Exercise and play are crucial for your dog, especially as a puppy. If they aren't getting the proper stimulation, they may have decided to take it out on your furniture.

Lack of Toys

Puppy chew toys are a vital part of your puppy's enrichment. If you haven't given them something to chew, they're likely going to find something themselves.

Lack of Training

Another of the most common reasons for chewing is a lack of training or discipline. If your dog was never given obedience training, it may not understand that chewing things is bad. 

How to Stop Your Puppy Chewing Everything

Now that we know some of the reasons, what can we do? Here are some of the best ways to counteract the above reasons for chewing.

Provide Stimulation and Comfort

If you feel your dog is anxious or bored, do what you can to fix it! Comfort your dog and play with them frequently to ease separation anxiety. You also should strongly consider obedience training, either with yourself or with a professional dog trainer.

Ample Toy Access

If you give your dog something to chew, it's less likely they'll chew what they shouldn't! Make sure you're giving your pooch plenty of toys. Consider giving them multiple chew toys so they don't get bored with one and decide your favorite piece of furniture looks more fun.

Deter Chewing

When all else fails, you can always make chewing unpleasant. Use an animal-safe chew deterrent to spray on whatever your dog is chewing. The unpleasant taste and sensation can help force your dog away from chewing your furniture.

Puppy Chewing Problems

The first few months of owning a puppy are filled with trials, but it's always worth it! A puppy chewing on furniture is often a result of anxiety, boredom, or a lack of stimulation. Play with them, give them toys, and consider spraying your furniture with chew deterrents to stop them.

If you'd like to learn more about animal care, feel free to browse our blog for more information! You can also contact us for further help with puppy chewing training solutions!

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